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Siplick's Profile Picture
Siplick Darmynx
Artist | Student | Varied
I am a mixed media artist and craft maker. I enjoy anime, visual novels, Pokémon and of course, drawing, painting and sewing.

You can also find me in the follwing websites:


Includes examples, prices, and ToS.

Trades - Closed by SweetDukeCommissions - On Hold by SweetDuke


Pokémon merch for sale.

My work is protected under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 license.
You can share my art as long as you give appropriate credit, don't use the material for commercial purposes, and don't transform my pictures.


SHSL Good Luck by Siplick
SHSL Good Luck
I finished Super Danganronpa 2 a few days ago after having started the game two years ago... I ended up loving/hating Komaeda, so here's a quick fanart I painted inspired by one of the last scenes from the game.

tumblr · pixiv · Facebook

Danganronpa belongs to Spike Chunsoft.

Do not copy, trace or reproduce my artwork without my permission.
Team Salamence646 by Siplick
Team Salamence646
Traditional art commission I did some time ago of Salamence646 (on LJ)'s favourite Pokémon - Salamence, Phanpy and Heatmor.

tumblr · pixiv · FurAffinity · Weasyl 

Pokémon and its characters belong to Game Freak.

Do not copy, trace or reproduce my artwork without my permission.

:bulletred: What's your real name? How old are you? Are you single? Where do you live?

:bulletred: Can I add you on your social networking sites?

I prefer not to add strangers in my social networks.

:bulletred: Can we be friends?

Honestly, I don't think that a friendship should start with that question. I'll be happy to talk with you though if you ever want to discuss anything :) 

:bulletred: Can we roleplay?

I'm sorry, but I don't roleplay.

Commissions and art license

:bulletred: Do you do commissions? Are you currently open for them?

I do. The rules, information, prices and examples can be found in my commissions blog.
If you wish to know if I'm open right now, just check my profile. I always post a journal to announce when I'm open.

:bulletred: Will you do an art trade with me? 

It depends. If we're friends or we have a similar skill level, I have no problem. But if you're a complete stranger or our skills are not at the same level, then I won't, I'm sorry. 

:bulletred: Can I download your drawings? Can I print them? Can I use them as my icon/signature?

You can download my drawings as long as you keep the files for yourself. I have no problem with you using the drawings as your wallpaper either. You can also print them, as long as you don't sell the prints. 
If you want to use any of my drawings as an avatar or signature, make sure that there are only generic characters in the drawing that you want to use – don't use pictures with other people's original characters, or ask them first to avoid problems! Don't forget to credit me for the artwork somewhere in your page.

:bulletred: Can I upload your drawings to ____? Can I edit and/or sell your drawings?

You can only upload my drawings in sites that allow sources (such as Tumblr), and add the link to the drawing in there so people can find my page if they like it. You can't sell my drawings as they are protected by a Creative Commons license that doesn't allow selling or editing.

:bulletred: Can I draw one of your characters?

You can, but please, no adult pictures. Let me know if you need a reference, and remember to mention that the character(s) belong to me in the picture's description, in case you upload it somewhere.

:bulletred: Can I create a character like yours? Can I roleplay as one of your characters?

I don't mind coincidences, but please don't do it on purpose. You can't roleplay as my characters either.

Art career and materials

:bulletred: When did you start drawing? How often do you draw?

I've always liked to draw, but I started taking it seriously when I was 7 or 8. At first it was just a way of having fun in my free time, but then I realized that I could create lots of things with it, so I kept drawing. And now I draw everyday – from a couple of one-minute sketches a day between classes to twelve hours straight when I can!

:bulletred: Are you a professional artist? Do you have any Art studies?

I'm currently studying a degree on Fine Arts, so I'm only a student so far, even though I take small projects and commissions in my free time. However, I'd like to become a professional someday. 

:bulletred: Can you teach me how to draw? What are your tricks for learning to draw?

I'm no expert in drawing, and even if I were, it's impossible to teach someone to draw. There are no tricks or shortcuts for learning, you just have to practice, practice and practice. I know that everyone says the same about the subject, but just be patient, observe, learn, experiment, ask for some feedback and the most important thing - do the best you can every time!

:bulletred: What software do you use for digital drawings? Do you use a tablet?

I use an Intuos4 M, and the programs I use the most are Paint Tool SAI and Adobe Photoshop CC.

:bulletred: I want to get into digital art. What tablet and programs should I get/use?

Wacom is usually the most recommended brand for tablets, as they have a very wide variety and they offer a very good quality and customer support. If it's going to be your first tablet, I'd recommend getting a Wacom Intuos (the former "Bamboo" tablets), as they're the most affordable for beginners. As for the programs, anything will do, but I recommend SAI or GIMP if you're not used to/can't afford Photoshop yet.

:bulletred: What brush presets do you use?

These are some of the brushes I use on SAI: 
F3ab5ef78d21859d96fd333cdb9dfe81 by Siplick038dba7f8ebbc22e2d57091878a25ef6 by Siplick1dc4f226a431515500316e28e712b979 by Siplick

:bulletred: What materials do you use for traditional art?

I use a technical marker + a Pentel brush pen to ink my drawings, and then I colour them with Faber Castell Polycrhomos and Derwent Studio colour pencils. However, I like to experiment a lot when doing traditional art so I use lots of other materials every now and then.

:bulletred: I want to get new materials for traditional art. What brand to you recommend for coloured pencils?

Traditional art materials are expensive so please be sure that you need them before putting too much money into something that you might not use! I'd recommend Faber Castell Polychromos - they come in a wide variety of colours and they're soft and vivid, which makes them easy to use. 

:bulletred: Can you do a tutorial about _____?

I don't usually make tutorials because they take a lot of time, but if a certain number of people request them, I may think about it twice. Feel free to give any ideas!


:bulletorange: Who are your inspirations? Why did you start making crafts?

The person who inspired me to start sewing was Fluna. I was browsing deviantART, and I found an Azelf plush she made – until that moment I didn't know that people could make their own dolls, so I was amazed by how cool the idea seemed to me. So I asked Fluna and she taught me the basics of patterns and fabrics, and I made my first plush (that was in 2008).

:bulletorange: Where do you get your sewing supplies? And the fabrics?

I get all of these in local stores, but sometimes I have to search in different places (eBay mostly) if I don't get the materials I need. 

:bulletorange: Do you take plush commissions?

I do, but I'm not always open for them. I will post a journal once I open for plush commishes.

:bulletorange: Can you teach me how to make plush eyes?

I made a tutorial about this some time ago which you can check out here. I hope it helps!

:bulletorange: Will you share your plush patterns?

I'm sorry, but I dislike sharing plush patterns. There are plenty of free (or very cheap) plush patterns on the Internet that you can use and twitch, though.

Personal projects

:bulletwhite: Will you help me with my personal project? Can we fuse any of your personal projects? Can you add my original species/characters into your project?


:bulletwhite: Can I use your character _____ for my personal project?

No, all my characters belong to me and I don't wish to see any of them into stories, fan-made games, or anything like that. Please do not insist.

:bulletwhite: Can I create a character that belongs to one of your original species (such as animas)?

No, you can't. As for animas, they're a personal species and I don't allow anybody to create characters based on them.

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